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Three layers of protection

Surface non-woven fabric: effectively block visible objects such as droplets; melt-blown fabric filter material: filter non-oily particles in the air...

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Light and breathable

At the same time of health protection, it is anti-suffocating and breathable, light and convenient, soft and skin-friendly, and modified cheeks....

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High elastic ear straps

Reduces the pressure on the ears, and fits better. Convenient to adapt to various face shapes, elasticity is a kind of not easy to break, not ears...

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About Us

Huzhou Anji Xinyijin Hygiene Products Co., Ltd. is a professional dust-proof professional manufacturer of masks. The company has a national industrial product production license. Civil protection products have passed the group standard "PM2.5 protective mask" TAJ1001-2015 and the national standard "daily-type protective mask" GB / T32610-2016 certification.

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Product Center

Go out protection Block spread

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Three layers of filtration

Soft fit

Dustproof and antifoam

Absorb odor

Three-dimensional fit

Breathable and breathable

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Healthy breathing Enjoy the new air

Mask, understand it by standard


At present, a novel coronavirus infection control and prevention of pneumonia has started. As the “ first line of defense ” of personal health protection, it...

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What are the common masks?


The masks that we most often mention now include KN95, N95, medical surgical masks, etc. The first is the KN95 mask. According to the classification of national ...

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Scientific choice mask


Experts said that in addition to providing effective protection, the wearing of masks must also take into account the comfort of the wearer and cannot bring abou...

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Mask Tips


Recently, the Zhejiang Provincial Institute of Standardization quickly selected more than 20 international, foreign, national, industry, and local standards for ...

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